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What Does My Customer See & Do?

As the diagram below shows, your customer's interaction with the Pay it @POST web site is quite straightforward.

Here are the main steps:

When the customer arrives at Pay it @POST, the link from your web site has already told us everything we need to know about the payment - the value to collect, your reference number, and how to customise our payment slip to reflect your business image.

We display a payment slip which enables your customer to be served quickly and accurately by our postal staff. We ask the customer to print this slip and take it to any post office.

We double check with the customer to ensure our payment slip printed OK on their printer. If not, we ask them to try again.

Finally, we thank the customer and automatically send them back to your web site.

If at any time the customer chooses not to use Pay it @POST, we automatically send them back to your web site to choose an alternative payment option. You can nominate an alternate web page as the destination.

For your customer's convenience, they can pay at any post offices across Australia. We accept payment by cash, EFTPOS and all major credit cards. We provide a receipt for the payment taken.