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There are two reports available to merchants:

The Payment report details the status all customer orders and associated payments.

The Settlement report lists the payments collected on your behalf and the fees charged by Australia Post.

The information in both the Payment and Settlement Reports is fully secured and accessible to you only.

Both reports are available as a web page, or they can be downloaded to your e-Commerce system as an XML document.

Payment Report

After a customer has confirmed acceptance of the Pay it @POST payment method to purchase goods from your site, the Payment Report can be used to confirm when payment is made so the goods or services ordered by the customer can be provided.

The information in the Payment Report allows you to quickly determine at any time the status of orders and payments that Australia Post is collecting on your behalf.

A customer order may have the following status:

created: the request for payment has been recorded, but the customer has not yet confirmed their intention to proceed

cancelled: the customer did not confirm their intention to pay, so the order has been immediately cancelled

expired: the customer did not make the payment within the expiry period

pending: the customer has confirmed their intention to proceed with the payment, but payment has not yet been received

paid: the customer has paid the order

part paid: the customer has paid part of the order

A customer payment may have the following status:

reversed: the transaction has been declared invalid, possibly due to error or fraud, and Australia Post has been forced to reverse the payment

received: the customer has made the payment, but has used a repudiable form of payment and the funds have not yet been cleared

cleared: the payment has been received and the funds have been cleared

settled: the value of the funds, less commission and any other applicable fees have been passed to the merchant.

Settlement Report

The Pay it @POST Settlement Report provides details of payments remitted to you by Australia Post, including details of any fees or charges made. The Settlement Report provides a mechanism for financial reconciliation between Australia Post and yourself.