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Applying for Access to the Production System

Once you are satisfied with your evaluation of Pay it @POST, the next step is to apply to use the Production system. This will enable you to access the Production system and begin to generate real payments.

Prior to approving access to the Production system, we look for evidence of successful interaction with the Evaluation system. The primary reason for this is to ensure all interfaces between our systems have been tested, and to provide confidence that orders generated by your customers will be accurately processed.

The basic requirement is:

We have received at least one simulated customer order from your e-Commerce site.

Formatted payment and settlement reports for your simulated orders have been accessed.

If you intend to use our XML report format, we also strongly recommend you have downloaded both payment and settlement report documents in this format.

Application for Access

To apply for access, log onto the Evaluation system and click the Apply for Service button.

The system will display a form similar to that used when registering for the Evaluation system. Where there are common fields, the original details will be displayed (although you can change these if you wish). Some aspects of the procedure to gain access to the Production system occur off line. For this reason there is a short period during which some of the contractual arrangements are finalised. One of our business managers will then contact you to confirm approval, and to advise your merchant ID and login.