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Pay it @POST is a valuable addition to the range of payment options currently available to online businesses. Pay it @POST will:

Help prevent the loss of business that comes from customer reluctance to make payments over the Internet.

Allow customers who don't have credit cards to make purchases from your online business.

Enable customers who won't trust their credit card information to the Internet to make payments "in-person".

In addition:

The rates of credit card fraud may be less for payments made "in-person" compared to those taken over the telephone or across the Internet.

Your customers don't need to sign up to use Pay it @POST. They simply print the payment slip, take it to their nearest post office and pay using the method that's most convenient for them.

People trust Australia Post. We have been reliably processing financial transactions for Australian companies and their customers for many years.

Information about payments accepted on your behalf is always available securely and promptly from our web site.

Payments are deposited directly to your bank account as one convenient lump sum, in accordance with your nominated settlement frequency.